Pros and Cons of Ordering Online Food vs Picking Up On the Store

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With the busy schedules people have, many prefer to buy food online and have it delivered to the comfort of their living room. Below are the cons and pros of ordering food online vs. having to pick it up at the store.

Pros of Ordering Food Online


Sometimes one may decide to customize their food instead of taking the shelf food. Many people prefer customizing their meals according to their preferences. When meals are ordered online, they are packed accurately according to the order made as compared when buying on the store.

Sometimes one finds buying food at the restaurant, and the orders get mixed up, and one ends up taking home the wrong food. For example, one may order sugarless tea only to reach home and find the restaurant packed coffee.


Increased Efficiency

Ordering online increases efficiency for both the customers and the employees. When customers order food, online they do not have to stop what they were doing to get food. Instead, they continue with their job until their food is delivered.

The restaurant employees also increase their efficiency by carefully preparing the ordered meals because they were ordered on time. This is better than buying at the store because employees rush to prepare meals and they probably will make a mistake.


More Profits

If a restaurant is offering excellent online deliveries, it is bound to make for sales which mean an increase in profits because more customers will be placing orders online instead of walking to the restaurant. For example, the seamless delivery company offers coupons to attract more online customers. These seamless coupons promote sales bringing in more profits.

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Customer Information

This mostly applies to recurring customers. The hotel can keep customer database and know what each customer prefers each day and at what time. For example for organizations which buy their employees meals, they don’t always have to place an order instead the online store knows what to deliver at a particular time.


Not Time Wasting

Buying food online is not time-consuming as compared to buying at the restaurant. Sometimes at the store, one may find a long line and end up spending a lot of time in the queue. Also buying online is convenient for people who do not feel like being around a lot of individuals.


Cons of Ordering Food Online


Take Longer

Ordering food online can sometimes take longer than anticipated. For example, delivery can delay with one hour. Delays are not convenient when someone is hungry. One may prefer just to walk to the restaurant and pick up which will take just a few minutes.

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Expensive Delivery Charges

Home deliveries are costly, and most restaurants reduce their charges if one reaches a certain limit amount. Sometimes it is better to go to and pick up meals instead of being overcharged for delivery.


Mixed Orders

This mostly happens when the food one ordered is not available. Restaurants may decide to substitute the meals with something you do not take. For example, spinach may be substituted with kales. Buying at the restaurant is better because one can decide what alternative to pick.


You Cannot Check the Quality

When ordering online food one cannot see the quality of snacks being packed. For example, they may pack dismantled doughnuts which are very disappointing. Buying at the restaurant one can see what is being packed and the quality of the snacks.


Not Convenience

Sometimes ordering food online is not convenient; the system may be down or under maintenance, and one may end up doing clicks which are not going through. Alternatively one may decide to call, but the communication is not clear because of the noise around. It is, therefore, convenient for one to just walk to a store and pick out the food they want.


The Best Places to Order Food Online

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The days when you had to walk all the way to a restaurant to make an order for food are long gone and so is the time you have to sit to wait for your order to be ready thanks to online food ordering. With this, you can order at any time of the day while at the same time allowing you to browse through a number of restaurants at the same time. With technological advancements, you can install an app that will always be ready for use when needed. While there are a number of placed to order, the following are some of the best places to order food online you should consider.


Seamless offers more than 7,000 restaurants with coverage of about 30 cities in the U.S. and London. In an effort to cover a wider target market and reach out to as many consumers as possible, its app is compatible with Android, Blackberry, as well as iOS devices making it convenient and efficient. This app will keep record of your orders and keep track of what you frequently order allowing you to make quick references. It is one of the best places to order food online as it also provides major seamless coupons thus making their services affordable.


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Gruhub allows you to order food on selected cities in the U.S. from quite a number of restaurants. To make an order, you can narrow down your search by browsing the site by city name or indicating your cuisine. Scans of the menus are at your disposal. You can install its app, which is compatible to iOS and Android operating devices to ease the ordering processes. Exploit the different restaurant coupons for discounted rates.


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With Foodler, you have the ability to order food online from some local restaurants that do not deliver on their own. It is not only free to make your order but it is also free to have your meal delivered to your destination. The ease of using the website is outstanding even for beginners. Start by selecting your location and all the nearest campus. A list of operating restaurants will then be provided. Other than discounted rates, this site offers an incentive program that allows you to collect points. You can redeem these points for free meals.


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With a wide coverage of more than 400 cities, you can be sure that even when you are on the go, you do not have to change your ideal website. Depending on which pattern you prefer, you can search by your choice of cuisine or by inserting your address, which allows you to view the possible deliveries within that area. It offers a mobile app for iOS and Android users to ease operations. This gets even better with its live chat that will help address order concerns on your meals.


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Just as the name suggests, this site address meal orders for persons in campus so you never have to study or teach on an empty stomach. It provides a list of the featured campuses of more than 300 campuses. You will receive exclusive coupons from the different restaurants. It does not stop at this as you can also benefit from the accumulated points earned, badges, as well as rewards.
The above places to order food online are efficient, convenient, as well as reliable. Some have a very wide coverage for those who travel a lot and a wide list of menus to help meet on individual preferences. They come with benefits such as discounted rates and offer coupons. You have no reason to stay hungry, as meals are only fingertips away.

Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in the USA

Americans love their pizza of all types, from deep dish to NY style slices and everything in between. While a handful of people are purists who swear by homemade pizza, most people in the U.S. opt to get their cravings met at pizza restaurants. Here are ten of the top pizza restaurants in the USA.


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut - Wideawakenews

This is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains in America and it’s most well known for the style of its buildings, which typically sport bright red roofs. Over the years Pizza Hut has expanded to offering a fuller menu that includes chicken, deserts, sandwiches, and pasta in addition to pizza.


Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pizza - Wideawakenews

Donatos is based in Ohio and that’s where the majority of its locations are. The chain also operates in eight other U.S. states and is popular because of the taste of its pizza and prices — you can save even more if you use a Donatos coupon.


Papa John’s

Papa John's - Wideawakenews

Papa John’s became the first pizza restaurant in the U.S. to offer online ordering in 2002. Since then the chain has become well known for other things including its collaborations with celebrities and star athletes.


Hungry Howie’s


Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains in the nation, and it has well over 550 locations. They offer a large menu of pizza and topping options, and customers are also huge fans of the Hungry Howies promo codes that are often available.


California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen - Wideawakenews

What started as a restaurant in Beverly Hills over 30 years ago is now a trendy gourmet pizza chain that has also launched a line of frozen pizzas available in grocery stores. This is known as one of the healthier pizza restaurants, and it offers many gluten-free and vegetarian options.



Dominos Pizza - Wideawakenews

Dominos is one of the most popular and high earning pizza restaurants in the country. The chain is famous for it’s old guarantee that stipulated customers would be given free pizzas if their deliveries weren’t made within 30 minutes. That policy is long gone, but you can still use Dominos coupons to get great deals.


Little Caesars

Little Caesars - Wideawakenews

Little Caesars has been around for over 55 years and they’re still quite popular. The carryout pizza chain is known for its low prices and it’s commercials from decades ago that featured the restaurant’s mascot.



Sbarro - Wideawakenews

You can hardly go to a mall in America without seeing a Sbarro stand. It started in Brooklyn in 1956 and is now all over the country.


Papa Murphy’s

Pappa Murphys - Wideawakenews

This pizza restaurant is a bit different from most because it’s a take and bake franchise. Instead of leaving with a hot pizza that’s ready to eat, customers choose their toppings and pizza size and then take the unbaked pizza home to cook. Papa Murphy’s has franchises all over the U.S.


CiCi’s Pizza

Cici's Pizza - Wideawakenews

CiCi’s is the largest buffet pizza chain in the U.S. and on the entire planet. They’re known for their innovative flavors and large number of salad, dessert, pasta, and pizza selections.