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With the busy schedules people have, many prefer to buy food online and have it delivered to the comfort of their living room. Below are the cons and pros of ordering food online vs. having to pick it up at the store.

Pros of Ordering Food Online


Sometimes one may decide to customize their food instead of taking the shelf food. Many people prefer customizing their meals according to their preferences. When meals are ordered online, they are packed accurately according to the order made as compared when buying on the store.

Sometimes one finds buying food at the restaurant, and the orders get mixed up, and one ends up taking home the wrong food. For example, one may order sugarless tea only to reach home and find the restaurant packed coffee.


Increased Efficiency

Ordering online increases efficiency for both the customers and the employees. When customers order food, online they do not have to stop what they were doing to get food. Instead, they continue with their job until their food is delivered.

The restaurant employees also increase their efficiency by carefully preparing the ordered meals because they were ordered on time. This is better than buying at the store because employees rush to prepare meals and they probably will make a mistake.


More Profits

If a restaurant is offering excellent online deliveries, it is bound to make for sales which mean an increase in profits because more customers will be placing orders online instead of walking to the restaurant. For example, the seamless delivery company offers coupons to attract more online customers. These seamless coupons promote sales bringing in more profits.

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Customer Information

This mostly applies to recurring customers. The hotel can keep customer database and know what each customer prefers each day and at what time. For example for organizations which buy their employees meals, they don’t always have to place an order instead the online store knows what to deliver at a particular time.


Not Time Wasting

Buying food online is not time-consuming as compared to buying at the restaurant. Sometimes at the store, one may find a long line and end up spending a lot of time in the queue. Also buying online is convenient for people who do not feel like being around a lot of individuals.


Cons of Ordering Food Online


Take Longer

Ordering food online can sometimes take longer than anticipated. For example, delivery can delay with one hour. Delays are not convenient when someone is hungry. One may prefer just to walk to the restaurant and pick up which will take just a few minutes.

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Expensive Delivery Charges

Home deliveries are costly, and most restaurants reduce their charges if one reaches a certain limit amount. Sometimes it is better to go to and pick up meals instead of being overcharged for delivery.


Mixed Orders

This mostly happens when the food one ordered is not available. Restaurants may decide to substitute the meals with something you do not take. For example, spinach may be substituted with kales. Buying at the restaurant is better because one can decide what alternative to pick.


You Cannot Check the Quality

When ordering online food one cannot see the quality of snacks being packed. For example, they may pack dismantled doughnuts which are very disappointing. Buying at the restaurant one can see what is being packed and the quality of the snacks.


Not Convenience

Sometimes ordering food online is not convenient; the system may be down or under maintenance, and one may end up doing clicks which are not going through. Alternatively one may decide to call, but the communication is not clear because of the noise around. It is, therefore, convenient for one to just walk to a store and pick out the food they want.